About us


LEATHER SPEED , is a leading manufacturer of high performance hand & body protection. LEATHER SPEED has been in the industry for over 17 years and produces the most diverse line of hand protection products available today in the global gloves & Protective garments market. Along with being the largest producers of higher protection gloves & PPE garments.

LEATHER SPEED is a leading manufacturer of high performance hand and body protection. We are committed to providing industry workers the best and safest personal protection products available in the global PPE market. With our diverse line of products and unrivaled manufacturing capabilities we can customize a solution to fit your company needs.

LEATHER SPEED has a continual mission to supply our customers with safety solutions to protect their people. We do this by manufacturing products, that allow them to accomplish their jobs safely and cost effectively. During this time, we have grown to be one of the largest producers of innovative hand, arm and body protection in the industry. We represent the Best of the Best in manufacturing, sales and customer service, and we are dedicated to making our products work for you.